Group Dog Walks

For sociable dogs who thrive with the company of four-legged friends. We love to vary our walks from fields and woods to sandy beach. Your dog will be taken to selected safe areas for fun and exercise, Energetic dogs can be allowed to run with the safety of a 10 metre long lead or exercised off lead with signed permission from the owner.

Solo Dog Walks

For those who prefer one-to-one attention for their pooch. A calmer and more personal alternative for nervous or reactive dogs who need a little more space, understanding and patience. Your dog can be exercised off-lead with signed permission, and in quiet areas if preferred. 

Home Visits

From dogs to cats to hamsters, we can care for any of your pets while you're away during the day! Pets can be fed, given fresh water and cages or litter boxes can be cleaned.

Puppy accidents will be cleaned up and basic training (toileting outside, sit, leave and manners) will be practised with positive reinforcement.

Dogs can either be let into the garden, or walked around the block, depending on the length of the visit.

Fuss, cuddles, praise and playtime included!

Pet Sitting

This service is currently only available for existing customers.


Would you like your pets to stay in  the comfort of their own home whilst you are away for a few days? We are fully insured to hold keys and stay overnight at our customers' homes. 

This is a pleasant alternative to kennel boarding, as your pet will be staying in calm, familiar surroundings and stick to their regular routine (such as feeding and walking times).

All walks are included in the price.